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Green Glow
Miss Pinky
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Indy Glow
Kwest Swirl
Rasta Swirl

“Blaze Your Own Trail™” with our fun, flexible water pipe, Kermit™!

At about 12″ long, with an integrated Bic lighter holder (can loosely hold a Clipper), this is a great piece, suitable for daily use, traveling, or taking with you for the zombie apocalypse.

With no glass pieces, just Food-Grade silicone and a Stainless Steel bowl, you can fold this up, shove it in a pocket, and defend yourself from walkers.

You could always swap out the downstem for glass...... fits 18mm & 14mm accessories.

Height - 17cm (7")  /  Width - 11cm (5")

Food-Grade, FDA-approved Silicone is coupled with a Food-Grade Stainless Steel (SAE 304) bowl to create a simple piece for your enjoyment. 

The downstem has been engineered to showcase PieceMaker™’s Hex-TEK™ high perc technology. More bubbles = More fun

Fits 18mm & 14mm Accessories of your choice (just remove the bowl).

*Lighters shown for scale, not included




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